Tips for Live on TikTok to Get Crowded Viewers TikTok has become a global phenomenon in recent years, influencing the way people interact with digital content and providing a unique platform for creativity.


How to Live on TikTok to Make It Crowded

Live Tiktok started to mushroom because of the presence of the Tiktok Shop which ultimately led to many business people selling through live Tiktok. This time I will share live tips on Tiktok so that your live audience will be even more lively!

Currently, every businessman needs to know live tips on TikTok. The reason is, this platform is one of the social media with the largest number of users and is the most popular social media platform at the moment.

TikTok must be used by business people if their main target audience is gen-z and the millennial generation. However, in reality, it’s not as simple as envisioned. Without the right strategy, your live may not produce good results.

How to Live on TikTok to Get a Crowd of Viewers

This time I will share how to go live on Tiktok so that your live audience will be even more lively!

1. Live at the right time

To run a successful live on TikTok, you have to determine the right live time.

Actually, not all social media have a specific schedule for holding live events. However, Tiktok has certain times when many users are active

The optimal time for starting a live session on TikTok is between 9 to 11 am from Monday to Friday.If you don’t have time to go live at that time, you can go live after 7 pm when the workers have finished their activities.

2. determine the place and equipment for the live

The next live tip on TikTok is to prepare a place and equipment for your live. Just like when you live on other platforms, the setting and equipment play an important role in your live performance.

Try to choose a bright and tidy place for your live. If it’s still too dark, you can prepare special lighting equipment. Apart from that, also provide a camera and mic so that you appear more clearly in front of the audience.

3. Plan your live well

In order to perform optimally, you have to plan each segment in your Tiktok live well.
First of all, you can set a series of activities that you will do during the live session. You can also prepare text so that promotional needs can run smoothly.
In essence, make sure each segment has been planned in detail. Don’t get confused in the middle of live.

4. Craft an engaging and straightforward headline

Before it goes live, you’ll see a box to enter text for the name of the streaming show. So, you can write a title directly on TikTok that will attract people to watch.

For example, you can use popular hashtags in the title so people can search for them easily. Not only that, you can also provide a good thumbnail, so that your audience remembers your TikTok profile.

5. Determine the live duration

So that live sessions on TikTok can run optimally, the live tip on TikTok that you have to remember is to determine the duration correctly. Don’t take too long or too fast. Adjust to your needs.

6. Engage the audience

Whatever the content of your live broadcast, take every opportunity to develop a relationship between you and your viewers. In order for your marketing efforts on social media to run smoothly, there must be a sense of trust between your audience and you as the streamer.

You can welcome them when entering a live session. Apart from that, you can also hold a question and answer session or reply to comments, so that the audience can feel cared for. The point is, if you want a good live, don’t forget to build interaction with the audience.

7. Add CTAs

The final live tip on TikTok is to include a CTA. a good way to close any stream, besides thanking the audience is to keep them engaged.

You can create CTAs that can encourage your audience to help you achieve your business targets. Here’s an example:

  • Ask viewers to watch live at the same time in the next schedule. Get them to visit your website
  • Share discount codes with your audience for purchasing your merchandise and tell them to use them before they expire.
  • Ask your audience to follow your social media accounts.